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The Ultimate Geek Guide to Nerdy Wedding Rings
Find the One Ring to Rule Your Lover's Heart
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Who says diamonds are a girl's best friend... ...some ad campaign from the 1930's?!
Paul Bierker (Etsy)
Themes include: Star Wars, Pokemon, Doctor Who, WoW, Legend of Zelda, Magic the Gathering, Star Trek, Sailor Moon, Wonder Woman, Assassin's Creed, Black Widow, Game of Thrones
Themes include: Sailor Moon, Legend of Zelda, Disney, Adventure Time, Avatar, Harry Potter,
Steel Candy
Art & Gems
Themes include: Legend of Zelda, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Pokemon, Iron man
SWANK Metalsmithing
Themes include: Steampunk, Star Wars
Cloud 9 Tungsten
Themes include: Star Wars, Batman, Legend of Zelda, Star Wars
Takayas Custom Jewelry
Themes include: Legend of Zelda, Spiderman, Batman, Final Fantasy
Johan Jewelry
Themes include: Dinosaur Bone, Meteorite
VaLa Jewellery
Themes include: Mass Effect, Star Trek, Iron Man
Earth Art Jewelry and Gem by Austin (Etsy)
Themes include: Super Mario, NES, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Tetris, Legend of Zelda, Batman, Star Trek, Pokemon, Stargate, Harry Potter
Carolyn Nicole Designs
Themes include: Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Avengers, Legend of Zelda
Zander's Creations
Themes include: Dragon Ball Z, DNA
Jens Hansen (customizable)
Themes include: Lord of the Rings                                 Custom sound wave
Sakurako Shimizu
Zsolt Szekely
Themes include: Legend of Zelda, gaming
Alchemy House
Themes include: Harry Potter, Legend of Zelda
Ring Jewellery
Themes include: Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Legend of Zelda, Star Wars
Eskew's Fine Jewelers (custom)
Themes include: Playstation                                                                    DNA
K. Brunini
Wedding Band Design
Themes include: Star Wars, Stargate, Lego
Sayers Jewelers (custom)
Themes include: Batman/Harley Quinn                                     Transformers
Gipson Diamond Jewelers (custom)
Themes include: Sundial, dinosaur bone, fingerprints
Homer Liwag (visual designer)
[Design] themes include: Indiana Jones, Star Wars
Have a vision in mind, but can't find the ring to match? Ask a jeweler about getting a ring custom made.
"A Guide To Creating The Custom Geeky Engagement Ring Or Ring Box Of Your Dreams"
The Nifty Nerd
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