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by Claudia Gombos
Voluntary agreement between the rulers and the ruled.
What is it?
Government must protect your natural rights: life, liberty and property.
If people break laws they have the right to be punished. If government doesn't protect the people have the right to rebel.
Locke is like the United States with a democracy and Hobbes is like Cesar, an absolute ruler.
I agree with Locke. Not everyone is bad and if we all work together and get ideas from each other than we can be a successful community.  
Locke or Hobbes?
Locke believes that people need to be ruled by reason and we should all work together.  But Hobbes believes that people are naturally bad and need one ruler to control everyone.
Everywhere you go there is a different Social Contract.
Social Contracts Aroung YOU
When at school you have a different Social contract in different classrooms or different groups of people
When you are with those different people you just know the Social Contract.