published by Jake Cavanaugh

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Social Contract
-Jake Cavanaugh-
Everyone is Born with Inalienable Rights Life Liberty Ownage of Property
The Purpose of the Goverment is to protect theses rights
The people have the right to revolt against an abusive government
Everyone is born with rights that belong to the ruler in return for protection
The Purpose of the Government was to keep Law and Order
People cannot be trusted and are born evil Therefore can't be trusted to govern
Hobbes Social Contract
The people must obey and give all of their rights to the Monarch This was the Social contract to Hobbes
Locke  Disagreed with Hobbes' contract and with his ideas, modern citizens created the one seen below
Today's Social Contract
A relationship between the government and the people, in which the people agree to follow the rules and if they do not then they are punished appropriately. The government must protect the natural rights, Life, Liberty, and Property and if they do not the people have the right to demolish it and create a new government.