Brian Giardina Social Contract

published by bgiardina

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Social Contract: the qualities of living......inspired by John Locke  
A man named Thomas Hobbes once said that humans are evil and bad people.....that they are savages
A man named John Locke once said that humans are good and can be great in a community. He believes that all humans should have natural rights.
The question is: Who has the best social contract: The question could take forever to answer. But the easier and the one that the people would like more is the John Locke way. So we'll go with that
Before the government does anything crazy the people should have the right to check the rules before anything is official so that people don't rebel and fight with extreme violence, because violence is bad -inspired by John Locke
Natural rights are crucial and  important to human beings, they should be protected from the government. Due to the importance of them, people should rebel if they are violated
The social contract is quite simple. It consists of rebelling to the government only if necessary but mainly violence is prohibited to make the community a better place, and the community will become a better place because all humans are good