The Social Control

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Locke vs Hobbes
The Social Contract is a voluntary agreement between the rulers and the ruled. -People agree to follow rules so their natural rights- life, liberty, and property- are protected. -If the government fail to protect peoples natural rights then the people have a right to rebel. -If people don't follow the rules they are punished. There are many interpretations on how this relationship between the government and the people should be enforced/handled.
Their Theories
Government represented
State of Nature
Mutual recognition of the values of teamwork: Society benefits when everyone comes together and works as a whole.
Bellum omnia contra omnes: The war of all against all. Recognition among people in the state of nature that the war of all must stop. Only way to stop war of all is to appoint a sovereign
Democracy: A society that holds Lockes values is the USA. The USA gives the people a right to free speech and to vote for what they believe in. This keeps both the government and the people happy.
Dictator: In the show, Sons of Anarchy, John Teller was the president of SAMCRO (motorcycle club). But Clay wanted power over the club. So Clay being stronger than John, Clay killed John and took power of the club. This shows that the most powerful leader will come to power to control a group.
Believes that humans in the state of nature are rational creatures.
Believes that humans in the state of nature are nasty, brutish, and solitary.
Relevance Today
Sports Teams
Education Systems
In High Schools all around the nation, students are “ruled” by the staff. Whether it’s a security guard yelling at you to not be roaming the halls, or a teach yelling at you for missing assignments. So the staff protects our liberty by giving us the option to use our knowledge in anyway we please. The students follow their orders because they want to get good grade. If students fail to obey rules they get punished with dentition or suspension. If the school fails to give the right education to the students it shuts down or gets new staff memembers.
On my cheer team my coaches have absolute power of the team. They give us the right to express ourselves and do what we love and in return we follow their commands. If we fail to not listen to the coaches we are kicked off the team. If the coaches fail to give us a routine they are fired.
In our society I see much of Hobbes ideas of the social contract. The world is survival of the fittest. The strongest people have the loudest voice and can take control. If the society feels the need to rebel against the leader, a stronger force will overcome the other.