Social Contract

published by Angela Socci

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Social COntract
What is the Social Contract?
A voluntary agreement
Between the rulers and the ruled,
Where the citizens agree to follow government rules
and government agrees to protect natural rights (life, liberty, and property).
If people break laws the government has the right to punish
If government fails to protect natural rights the people have the right to rebel.
How the Social Contract is Still Relevant
All over the world many people, countries, and organizations use the Social Contract.
The Social Contract for me, exists on my field hockey team.
The players agree to follow the coaches rules
and the coaches agree to be fair to the players and to protect their "natural field hockey rights."
If the players fail to follow the rules then there would be consequences.
If the coaches fail to follow their guidelines then the players have the right to speak up about it to Athletics.
The reason it works so well is because it is a voluntary agreement between the players and the coaches. Both sides mutually agree to this. It also works well because there is balance in the system. If either the player or the coaches don't follow their requirements then there are certain consequences.