Social Contract

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Social Contract
Human Nature
Relationship between government and the people.
The people volunteer to follow the governments rules if the government protects their natural rights.
If the people break the governments rules then they are punished.
If the government does not protect the people's natural rights then the people have the right to rebel.
Good vs. Evil
Alpha Male/Female
Government before people
Social Contract
It is the way of life and it is the idea or form of a human.
Creat and follow a government
Human Nature causes humans to become what they are now.
Logic Reason Teamwork
Violence does not need to be used to get the people to follow the government's laws as long as there are benefits for both the people and the government.
When a person is born they do not have any rules yet because they have not learned then but soon after they are born people begin to inform the children of the rules so it is not possible for people to live in the state of nature.
People should be able to vote for their leader and a leader should not just be chosen because one person proclaims themselves the ruler.
When people are in the state of nature they will end up coming together trying to create a government or a life with rules.
In the State of nature people will not seek violence or mean to be violent but they will defend themselves since there is no government to protect their natural rights.
Violence Passion
Individuals in the state of nature are poor, nasty, short, solitary.
The main reason that the social contract was created was to bring people together and for the people to identify their rights.
It does not make a difference whether or not a person is in the state of nature or in the social contract because either way people will always be competing with each other.
People are evil and self-interested. He thinks that people are going to be the way it was in the book "The Lord of the Flies" where it is more of a dictatorship and more disciplined or violent.
Using force could help to make people follow the social contract even though the social contact should be more of voluntary act.