Afghanistan's Problems in Govt

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Afghanistan's Problems in Government
And how it has factored into their Bitter Poverty
Afghanistan's Problems in Government
By Joshua Pixley
An unstable history
1838: Afghanistan becomes buffer state for Russia & Brittain
1920s: Afghanistan signs a Treaty of Friendship with Russia
1970s: Communist PDPA Government takes Afghanistan
Muhajideen splits up and warlords take over until 1993
U.S. funded Muhajideen rebels against communists
1994: Taliban conquer the land enforcing extreme Muslim rule
2001: Taliban defeated
2015: Present Day
A Taliban Checklist
Deprive religious freedom
Deprive female literacy and schooling
Create strict punishing laws that force Muslim law to the extreme
House terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Ladin
Be ACAP (As Corrupt As Possible)
Did You Know:
Most of Afghanistan's major governmental problems, began under Taliban reign from 1994-2001?
Most of the non received aid was taken by police
Farmers have been deprived of farming poppies for opium as well as being deprived of aid and now have barely any money or food and can barely survive
No money
No food
No people
The government has abused their power by letting their personal needs lead their agenda
People voted for change, but government refused
Afghanistan is the fourth most corrupt country in the world
The Afghani GDP per capita is a tiny $694 compared to the US $54,678
Of that $694 more than fifty percent of the civilians are forced to pay $158 in bribes to the government leaving them with only $536 a year