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PALShare VS Interlibrary Loan
What's the difference?
Interlibrary Loan
PALShare items come from the 23 PALNI (Private Academic Libraries of Indiana) libraries around IN. They are shipped via courier and only take a few business days to arrive.
Interlibrary Loan items can come from anywhere in the United States, or sometimes the world. Journal articles usually arrive within 1-4 days, but can take longer. Loans of books or other materials may take up to 14 days to arrive dependent upon the shipping method of the lending library.
Once the loan is submitted, it goes into the lending stream. Each library has a set number of days to respond to a request and either fill or deny it. If they deny it, it gets sent to the next library on the list until it is filled.
What happens when an item is requested?
Interlibrary Loan
Patron requests the item (book, score, CD, DVD, or LP) through PALShare.
Patron requests the item (any library material - book, media, journal article, etc.) through the Interlibrary Loan client.
Journal articles can only come through ILL
A request for the item is sent automatically to every PALNI library that has the item available. The first library that gets to the request will be the one that sends it out.
Interlibrary Loan staff member checks availability of item with lending libraries. For journal articles, he/she makes sure the specific year requested is available. Request is submitted manually to many libraries.
The lending library sends the requested item via courier to the borrowing library. Transit time is typically only 1-3 days, depending on how close the libraries are to each other.
Once the book arrives, the borrowing library checks it in and places it on the hold shelf for the patron. The library system automatically sends an email to the patron letting them know their book has arrived!
If the item is a journal article, it will be emailed directly to the patron. If a physical item, it is shipped to the borrowing library via courier (from Indiana) or via USPS, checked into the ILL system, then placed on hold for the patron. An email is sent letting them know their book has arrived!
Library of Congress can take up to 21 days!
Interlibrary Loan
Loan Period
Books - 60 Days Media - 14 Days
Dependent upon policies of lending library
Yes, if approved by lending library
Items available for loan
Books and Media (CDs/DVDs)
All circulating library items - books, media, journal articles, etc.
Shipping time
1-3 Business Days (Average)
Journal Articles - 1-4 Days Physical Items - 1-2 Weeks (Average)
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