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Environmental Degradation in Afghanistan
By Drew Cohen
With too many farmers and not enough  arable land, many people can not get enough food.
Why does it cause Poverty?
The Hindu Kush Glaciers have also melted 30% over the last 50 years.
The Glaciers are a large supply of water for the Afghans, and without them they would suffer.
With not enough land to make money legally, some Afghans must borrow from drug-lords to grow the illegal opium crop, and when the government destroys it they are left with no crop and a debt to the drug lords.
Extensive deforestation leads to avalanches, less fertile ground, and floods.
How is it caused?
Chemical pollution from aerial bombings ruins farmland
Many Pakistinians illegally cut down trees in Afghanistan, unheeded by the government.
Decades of war need fuel, and much of the plant life is cut down for it.
The environment is not a priority for the Afghanistan government, causing reckless usage of the environment..
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