SMB Perspectives on Mobile

published by Endurance International Group

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2015 Small Business
78% of SMBs do not have a mobile solution
33% of SMBs believe mobile is critically important
is your   biz  mobile?
Endurance International Group surveyed 909 of its small business customers to understand how they view the mobile market.
Perspectives on Mobile
50% of SMBs don't know how to build a mobile app
Yes - 22%
Do you have a mobile solution or an app for your business?
No - 78%
No - 29%
Yes - 71%
Do you feel that having a mobile solution or an app would positively impact your business?
I don't know how to build a mobile app - 50%
I'm too busy running my business and can't maintain a mobile app - 23%
I'm worried about security risks associated with having a mobile app - 5%
It's just too expensive to develop a mobile app - 22%
lack  of  EXPERTISE,  TIME,  AND   resources  ARE  THE  biggest  PERCEIVED  BARRIERS
What is the biggest barrier to creating a mobile solution or an app for your business?
We don't have a mobile presence - 50%
Reaching a new, younger demographic - 37%
Mobile challenges
Competitors are optimized for mobile and we are not - 22%
We are not keeping up with rapid technological advances to grow our business - 26%
We are not effective in communicating our products or services on mobile devices 33%
Potential customers outside of our immediate region have trouble discovering us - 31%
Enabling mobile sales requires too much time and resources 37%
major  challenges  include  a  current  lack of  mobile  presence   and  not enough  time and  resources
Which three of the following are the most significant challenges your company faces in regards to mobile?
more  than   half  of  small  businesses  agree  they  must  have a mobile  presence to  stay competitive
Somewhat agree - 38%
Strongly agree - 27%
Somewhat disagree - 17%
Strongly disagree - 18%
We must have a mobile presence in order to stay competitive.
SMALL  BUSINESS  owners  ARE   comfortable  adopting  new  technologies  once  they become  mainstream
Somewhat agree - 42%
Strongly agree - 45%
Strongly disagree - 5%
Somewhat disagree - 8%
I am comfortable adopting new technologies once they become mainstream.
Strongly disagree - 18%
Somewhat agree - 34%
Strongly agree - 21%
Somewhat disagree - 28%
over  half  of small  businesses  believe  Mobile  solutions  are    changing  the  nature  of  sales  for  their  business
* Due to rounding, numbers may not add up to 100%.
Mobile solutions are fundamentally changing the nature of sales for my business.
NEARLY  2/3  OF SMALL  BUSINESSES  BELIEVE  A  mobile  app  wOULD   help  THeM  sell  more  and   engage  better  with  THEIR  customers
Somewhat agree 42%
Strongly agree 26%
Strongly disagree 13%
Somewhat disagree 18%
* Due to rounding, numbers may not add up to 100%.
Having a mobile app will help me sell more and engage better with my customers.
Device and platform compatibility - 59%
External social media integration - 38%
Mobile features
compatibility,  ease  of  management,  and  easy  customization  are  the most  important  features  for    small  businesses
Video capabilities - 22%
Personalization and easy customization - 46%
Push notifications - 22%
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)    integration - 32%
Ease of content authoring and Content Management System (CMS) integration - 47%
Which three features are most important to you when it comes to considering a mobile solution for your business?
over  half  of  small  businesses  plan to  make  an  investment  in  digital  tools  in  2015
Yes - 51%
No - 49%
Do you plan to make a financial investment in digital tools in 2015?
half  of  small  businesses  plan  to invest  in  mobile  solutions within the  next  year
In the next 6 months - 21%
6 months to 1 year - 29%
1-2 years from now - 22%
2-3 years from now - 7%
More than 3 years from now - 7%
Never - 16%
* Due to rounding, numbers may not add up to 100%.
When, if at all, do you anticipate your company will begin to invest in mobile solutions?
The "2015 Small Business Perspectives on Mobile" is an online survey issued to a subset of Endurance subscribers. The survey had a total of 909 respondents that participated from February 26 to March 4 2015. All rights reserved, Endurance International Group, 2015.