Growth Mindset

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Growth Mindset
Supporting Success Orientated Learning
Infographic by David Cloutier Based on the work of Dr. Carol Dweck, for Brenda Dyck, at Mount Royal University
1. How do we identify different mindsets, and what causes them in our classrooms? 2. How do we communicate assessment to be growth-mindset orientated?
These approaches lock in a
Traditional Approaches to Learning Feedback
"Good work" / Nice effort
You failed/"I can't"
Work is praised, when praise is not necessarily warranted.
Feedback is not success focused.
Fixed Mindset
Fixed Mindset
Struggle to improve
Settle for lower standards
Avoid more difficult problems
Non-constructive feedback
Constant praise
Limited self-reflection
These approaches lock in a
Growth Approaches to Learning Feedback
New challenges
Students consider critically their own work, and understand how and where they can and will improve.
Learners explore new opportunities, and are willing to take risks - from them, they learn – failure is okay.
Growth Mindset
Asks questions
Embraces new problems
Craves feedback
Growth Mindset
Constructive feedback
Safe environment
Strong self-reflection
Concerns: Where to improve
Fixed Criteria
Advanced: Evidence of Excellence
Always looking for both things that were done well – but also things that need to improve
High Expectations
Learning goals are visible and accessible
Comments reflect areas for improvement (and how)
Learning needs to be about process – where students understand the results
Specific Feedback
Praise needs to be attached to meaningful conversation
Feedback needs to be specific
It's important for us to move beyond "quick praise" – and address specific areas that went well, why, and areas that could be better (and why and how)
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