Teaching Digital Citizenship

published by NancyW

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Teachable Moments for Digital Citizenship
Definitions for Themes of Digital Citizenship by Mike Ribble:
When you ask students to...
Show - Discuss - Model It!
Nancy White

Digital Literacy:
-Show highlighting, note-taking - voice notes - dictionary
Digital Access:
-Show how to adjust font size, type, color, use text-to-speech
Digital Access: Full electronic participation in society.
Digital Commerce: electronic buying and selling of goods

Digital Health & Wellness:
-Show posture - discuss addiction
Digital Literacy:
-Model thinking process for evaluating information

Digital Communication: electronic exchange of information.
Digital Literacy: process of teaching and learning about technology and the use of technology.
Digital Etiquette: electronic standards of conduct or procedure.
Digital Law: electronic responsibility for actions and deeds
Digital Rights & Responsibilities: those freedoms extended to everyone in a digital world.
Digital Health & Wellness: physical and psychological well-being in a digital technology world.
Digital Security (self-protection): electronic precautions to guarantee safety.

Digital Access:
-Show procedure to request access if site is blocked
Digital Literacy:
-Model search strategies
-Model search revision
-Model website evaluation

Digital Etiquette:
-Discuss appropriate use
Digital Rights & Responsibilities:
-Discuss digital footprints
-Discuss cyberbullying

Digital Law
-Discuss copyright - restating in own words
Digital Literacy:
-Model the thinking process and organization that sets this apart from collecting
-Model the tools

Digital Communication:
-Model appropriate communication in social media
-Model effective use of the tool
Digital Safety & Security
-Discuss internet safety and
model ways to stay safe
Digital Etiquette:
-Discuss & Model appropriate ways to collaborate online
Digital Communication:
-Model how to use the tool for effective communication
Digital Rights & Responsibilities:
-Discuss creator rights as well as plagiarism
Digital Commerce:
-Discuss illegal downloading and implications of buying/selling online
Digital Communication:
-Discuss & model effective communication using text, graphics, and hyperlinks
Digital Law:
-Discuss copyright
-Teach about Creative Commons