Caffeinated's Guide to Online Marketing

published by lukenielsen

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Online Marketing
Caffeinated's Guide to:
Stake Your Claim
Once you have determined your business name...get that thing registered!
You will need:
URL, Facebook, Twitter, G+ Page
Your website is your online hub. Link it with your social media accounts & give your visitors a reason to return by offering fresh & compelling, frequently updated info.
Sign up for and submit your websites to Google & Bing Webmaster Tools.
Get crawled by the major search engines to begin driving organic traffic to your website
Drive Traffic
Market your Content
Get your content in-front of readers by x-sharing it with your social media properties.

Integrate resources like Disqus commenting on your site to improve discoverability & drive quality traffic.

Create easily digestible & sharable content with infographics.

Bookmark your content on sites like Delicious & Stumble Upon
Get a Buzz Happening!!
Guest Blogging, Commenting & Following
Use email for regular newsletters
Adwords, PPC & Facebook Advertising
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