tips for success in my class

published by Valerie Henderson

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Tip # 1
Be present
Tip # 2
Be proactive
Tip # 3
Use your Resources
Arrive to class on time every day possible. Make the most of your in-class time. Be aware of what distracts you from learning and work to minimize any of those distractions.
Seek help at the moment you need it (not the night before the big test). Most days, I am here after school for help.
Tips for Success in Evironmental Chemistry:
What if I'm absent?
All handouts are organized in the Black Absent Crate by date they were given to students. Links to download handouts are posted on our class website. To complete missed work, please follow along with the prezi (also linked to my website). You may also come in after school or make an appointment for lunch to get help.
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This website is like your virtual classroom! Materials are organized by unit of study (see unit tabs at the top of the page). For each unit of study, a prezi will be used. The link to the prezi will be a button at the top of the page for each unit. The goal of this website is to link documents and worksheets used in class as well as allow students to access the day's material/learning outside of class.
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Chem Terms
Weekly homework assignments will be in the form of vocabulary terms. They will be assigned on Monday and due on the following Monday.