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Coal Seam Gas
70% cleaner than coal   ::   2/3 of the world's CSG deposits in Oz   ::    Everyone can benefit
March, 2015
Written by: Rebecca McLucas
A cleaner energy source for the future
I started this project unsure what Coal Seam Gas was, let alone my position on the matter. After much research and analysis of the data, I can unequivocally say that I am for CSG. The potential for clean, low intensity fuel is one that cannot be denied, given the planet's propensity to run out of fossil fuel materials. I understand the perspective of the environmentalist, and their concerns for our natural surroundings, however, I strongly feel that between the long-term benefits of low emissions energy. Given the strict regulations to which the mining companies must adhere, I feel the benefits of reduced pollution and the associated health risks, the economic potential, and the investment into community by mining companies, CSG can be a real asset to Australia's future.
A strong economic future
These tables show the potential for CSG product for national use and export sale as the benefits of a cheap, clean fuel source is sought by International markets, including Asia and America. Companies such as Santos GLNG are providing an estimated 18,000 jobs for Queensland & Australia, as well as providing local economies with stable income. Over 85% of goods and services acquired by Santos GLNG are from local sources.
The Gas Industry Social & Environmental Research Alliance (GISERA) has invested over $14m in researching the effects of CSG-LNG to the areas of agriculture, marine, environment and community. The aim is to provide support and strategies to quantify risk, and support change.
Predicted income of $40 billion tax dollars this year
Each well is approx. the size of half a netball court.
Environmental Protection
All CSG mining companies must adhere to the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (the EPBC Act), which aims to protect Australia's fauna and flora, ecological communities and heritage places. Additionally, companies are strictly regulated by government who undertake regular, thorough inspections of mining sites for compliance with industry best practice, the regulatory framework and a commitment to improving the surrounding community.
Communities are the real winner
CSG mines provide local communities with jobs and income through goods and services acquisition and are committed to investing back into the community. Roma has seen upgrades to the airport as well as roads and social infrastructure as well as community organisations, health initiatives and sustainable housing for the region.
EDP4130 2015
Moving Forward
It is clear to me that coal seam gas is the way of the future. It is vital, however, to ensure this form of technology is carefully monitored and regulations maintained. Rigorous research is being undertaken by organisations, such as GISERA to ensure sustainability. This risk-benefit analysis is the best way to ensure the environmental risk and impact is minimised whilst the benefits of the technology are maximised. This research should continue into the future as CSG mining progresses in order for society, the farming community and the environment to gain the full benefits of Coal Seam Gas mining technology.