Geese Infographic

published by SDNissenbaum

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Committee for the Preservation of Wildlife Presents:
Reason 1
Creates dietary and nutritional problems
Reason 5
Causes birds to lose natural fear of humans
Reason 2
Leads to habitat degradation
Reason 3
Can lead to disease among waterfowl population
Reason 4
Causes overpopulation of ducks and geese
5 Reasons
Why Feeding Lagoon Birds Is Harmful
Reason 1: Many of the foods that people feed the geese and ducks have little to no nutritional value and can cause them to starve. It is much better for them to eat food in line with their natural diet. Reason 2: Feeding the waterfowl quickly attracts many more beyond the capacity of the local ecosystem. In these large numbers, the water quality is reduced and the overall ecosystem becomes degraded. Reason 3: Feeding the geese and ducks draws them to eat other human foods and trash. This can lead to widespread disease among the population, which can harm the birds and be spread to humans when encountered in non-natural areas. Reason 4: When fed, more and more geese and ducks are drawn to the area. Due to the lack of space, geese and ducks will compete for territory and ultimately injure each other. Reason 5: With constant human interaction, the waterfowl will lose their natural fear of humans. This can lead to harm for both the birds and humans as the birds will not be as cautious around vehicles and other hazards and they also may become more aggressive around people causing attacks.
Reasons Explained
Acknowlegements: John Moluf, David Holliday, Linda Yates, Kathryn Quesnell, Melissa Burlingame, Austin Brooks & Stuart Nissenbaum