Everything on Internet not tru

published by Debra Bauleke

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Everything On Internet Not True!
February, 2018
Written by: Mrs. Bauleke
Factual Errors Are Found On The Internet.
Caution not everything you read on the internet is true.  The internet is a very valuable resource tool but must be used with care. Anyone can publish on the internet, but that does not make the information good. Review the following 5 steps to learn how to evaluate quality of information found on websites.  
Technology Today
Is the author qualified to write on the topic? What makes the author an expert? Can you contact the author? Make sure you only chose websites where the author or publisher is an expert on the topic.
View Live Internet Stats Click On Chart
"Internet Live Stats - Internet Usage & Social Media Statistics." Internet Live Stats - Internet Usage & Social Media Statistics. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Mar. 2015.
Authority-Who Wrote It?
How reliable and free from error is the information? Can the information be verified in another source? Are you seeing spelling and grammar mistakes? Never use a website where you are seeing mistakes in the information, spelling or grammar errors.  Look at the website below and answer the question for Accuracy on the Website Evaluation sheet.
Would you use this website?
Why was the information posted to the web?                      To persuade?                      To sell?                      To inform? The purpose of a website should be easy to understand. Do you see strong language or words?  Is the author trying to sway your opinion?   If so the website may be biased. Look at the two website choices below.  Which one is biased and which one is simply presenting information?  Answer the question for Bias on the Website Evaluation sheet.
What is the purpose?
Look for bias
Look for bias
   The 3 most reliable domains are               .mil  (military)               .gov (government)               .edu (education)
Did You Know?
Domain names tell you what type of website you are using.
When was the page created or last updated? Think about your topic.  Does it need the most current information? Would the website below be to old to use for research on the 1960's?
You can change Google search options to search only reliable domains! Click on the link below to learn how.
Post your response
to the collaborative document
Does the website give enough information on your topic?  Answer the question for coverage on the Website Evaluation sheet.
Which website offers better coverage on the topic of Hawk Owls?
Choice 1
Coverage Hawk Owls
Choice 2
Coverage Hawk Owls
AWESOME! You have learned how to select websites with  quality information.  Take a quiz.
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