Lead Paint

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Lead poisoning is a disease affecting all types of people, but is most dangerous to children. It can cause permanent damage to a child’s brain, kidneys, and nervous system, as well as result in serious learning and behavior problems, stunted growth, and damaged red blood cells. Anyone living in a home that contains lead paint can be affected by lead poisoning, but it is 100% preventable!
The  Older  The  Home, The  More Likely IT  IS  to  contain  lead
1 in 4 homes built between 1960-1978
9 in 10 homes built before 1940
7 in 10 homes built between 1940 - 1960
The Lead Paint Law requires removal or covering of lead paint hazards in homes built before 1978 where any children under 6 live.
of homes in the U.S. contain some lead based paint
About 35%
In order to determine accurate lead levels, all areas of the home should be tested by a licensed lead inspector.
Walls, window frames, doors, and all other surfaces could be potential culprits.
Dust in the home can contain particles of lead released from lead surfaces or tracked in by contaminated soil.
Household water can become contaminated with lead from old pipes.
Lead may be in soil surrounding a home near streets or highways.
Where  is  Lead  Found?
4 Million
Households contain children that are being exposed to dangerous lead levels
U.S. children ages 1-5 have damaging levels of lead in their blood
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A special paint-like coating is brushed or rolled onto the surface in question to create a watertight bond.
How  is  lead  removed?
The contaminated area is covered with a new surface, such as new drywall or covering windowsills with aluminum or vinyl.
Wire brushing, wet scraping, liquid paint removers, or electrical sanding might be used with high efficiency filters to carefully remove and capture the paint for proper disposal.
Complete removal and replacement of contaminated surfaces, such as windows, doors, or woodwork.
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Lead removal should be tackled by licensed professionals! Once the hazards are removed, the area will be reinspected for full compliance with the law.