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House vermin aren't just annoying - they can cause extreme damage to your home or transmit dangerous diseases!
Household Pests
Bat droppings, or guano, carry the fungus histoplasma capsulatam. If inhaled, the spores can cause a lung infection which left untreated can cause serious health complications or even death.
Carpenter Bees
Wasps, Hornets, & Yellow Jackets
While most are not even capable of stinging (males do not sting), carpenter bees chew through wood to build nests. If there are enough tunnels, it may compromise the structural integrity of the wood or allow moisture to enter and cause water damage.
Although severe reactions to stings are uncommon, they can lead to shock, cardiac arrest, and unconsciousness. Reactions like these prompted by stings could result in death. People who have had an allergic reaction to a sting are 60% more likely to develop worse symptoms if stung again.  
Venomous snake bites can be very dangerous or even fatal. If someone gets bitten, keep them calm and as still as possible. Call 911 immediately!
Mice & Rats
According to the CDC, rodents transmit 11 dangerous diseases directly and 15 more indirectly, including the bubonic plague, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and rat-bite fever. Rat urine spreads leptospirosis, which can result in liver and kidney damage or failure, as well as cardiovascular problems.
Their very name strikes fear into homeowners everywhere! Termites are estimated to do as much as $5,000,000,000 in damage each year, and the number is growing. A colony can have 1,000,000 termites and ultimately affect entire neighborhoods, as the colony moves underground from home to home! Most termites are found by: seeing a termite swarm; discovering the existences of pencil-like mud tubes on foundations or walls near the ground; finding soft wood or areas where the wood seems fragile or sounds hollow; and noticing dirt particles near wood in the home where dirt should not collect. If you suspect termite activity, call in an inspector right away!
Eliminate the Threat!
Fortify your defenses! A clean and well-maintained home deters many pests. Survey the exterior of your home seasonally and trim branches away from the home, seal cracks, repair loose boards, and paint as needed.
Homeowners can often evict small numbers of vermin on their own. Once you remove the pests, be sure to cut off their access to the home so they don't come back!
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For a larger infestation, or if you suspect termites, don't hesitate to call in the pros! Be sure ask if your exterminator provides a guarantee, and consider the cost of a one-time treatment vs. a service contract that can protect your home for years to come.