Citing Images

published by Chris Putnam-Pouliot

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Fair Use
When do you need to cite an image?
How to Find Images You have Permission to use:
-Transform (change the original image)
Citing on NoodleTools
EVERY TIME you use an image you did not create yourself
1. Go To Google Image Search
2. Click on "Search Tools"
3. Click on "Usage Rights"
4. Choose "Labeled for Reuse" on the dropdown menu
-Use for Education (any project for school)
-Use just a portion
-Don't hurt the owner of the image financially
(Government Guidelines on using copyrighted material which you do not have specific permission to use)
*You can also visit the Library Website for links to Public Domain Images*
2. In another tab, go to
1. Find the original website your image came from
4. Fill in as much info as you can find
(Not the Google Image Search page!)
3. Choose the type of image on the dropdown menu
Image Citations
*Items used under fair use still need a citation*
*Items in the public domain or labeled for reuse still need a citation*
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