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"Teaching is a job that doesn’t have a beginning or an end. Being a mentor is something I take to heart. I work hard to be that within the walls of our classroom and extend to my life outside of the classroom as well. If we can just find that one book, help them write that one piece that touches their heart, it can impact their lives forever."
"Have you been thinking about joining the Slice of Life Story Challenge community but don’t feel you have anything to contribute? Well, you are mistaken.  Our daily lives are filled with so many worthy moments just waiting to be written about and shared.  Take a moment to scroll through past SOLSC Tuesdays to check out the infinite variety of topics our writing community has shared."
Two Writing Teachers
Read, Write, Reflect
Free Technology for Teachers
Watch. Connect. Read.
Nerdy Book Club
"First, you have to understand that I have created an environment, my classroom, in which I have complete control.  Over EVERYTHING.  Not only do my students behave impeccably this year, but they know how everything works-- from turning in homework (no wide ruled paper, proper heading, no hearts or abbreviations or emoticons) to . . . a system where they ask to use the restroom silently. Everything operates in the most efficient way possible, which allows us to learn in the best way possible. Then I leave school and enter the world, where I have no control. It makes me sad. What do you mean, 5th red light in a row? What do you mean, “Sold out?” What do you mean, sassy drugstore employee?"
"We are teacher educators, classroom teachers, students, parents, and community members, and we have created this blog to speak to these five audiences . . . By working together, as well as with others who advocate for the teaching profession, our audiences can learn about writing, the teaching of writing, and the power of engaging young writers in craft and story. We will offer our informed advocacy and arguments, so that others can advocate and speak loudly as well.
Teachers, Profs, Parents: Writers Who Care
Educator Innovator
Kylene Beers
Crawling Out of the Classroom
Love, Teach
Kevin's Meandering Mind
Edutopia: ELA
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