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Infographic 1
Physical therapy: a global profile
Information about the profession from the World Confederation for Physical Therapy's collection of data from member organisations, 2013
of reporting member organisations say that education is for autonomous practice
Educated for autonomous practice?
44 member organisations have more women than men. 15 member organisations have more men than women.
of physical therapists are women in Hungary's member organisation
of physical therapists are women in Rwanda's member organisation
report that people are permitted to access physical therapy services directly
Is direct access access allowed?
Is private practice allowed?
report there is no law preventing physical therapists establishing private practice
Based on data returns from 91 member organisations. Countries in white represent member organisations that did not respond or countries without a WCPT member organisation. Some smaller nations are not represented due to software limitations and map scale rather than lack of data.
Density of physical therapists to population
Less than 1 1 to 5 5 to 10 10 to 15 15 to 20 20 or above
Physical therapists per 10,000 people
Produced for briefing purposes by the World Confederation for Physical Therapy in 2015 @wcpt1951