Morse AJROTC March Newsletter

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Morse AJROTC March 2015 Newsletter
March 21, 2015: SDUSD Cadet Ball
Every school year in March, JROTC programs of all branches (High Schools) in the San Diego Unified School District come together at the Annual Cadet Ball.This year, 120+ cadets from Morse attended the Ball. Cadets are expected to behave in a professional manner, while at the same time, having fun!
Walk of Fame
The Royal Court
C/MAJ Francisco, Joseph C/LTC Lim, John C/CPT Ronquillo, Geremy
Top (Left to Right)
Bottom (Left to Right)
C/PVT Tsumura, Sae C/CPT Lorenzo, Jennifer C/CPT Sabas, Miah
March 26, 2015: Academic Bowl
This round of the JROTC Academic Bowl was held at Morse High School. Each JROTC unit within in the district establishes an academic team comprised of each LET (Leadership, Education, Training) Level/ Grade Level. The purpose of this competition is to distinguish which teams will make it as far as going to Washington D.C. to compete against the top schools around the United States.
1st Place: Patrick Henry HS
2nd Place: Morse HS
3rd Place: Madison HS
4th Place: Hoover HS
Center Piece Competition
The 2015 Cadet Ball theme was the "Walk of Fame." This theme pertains to the walk of stars in Hollywood. With that being said, each school is required to create a center piece that relates to the given theme. Each school is judged based on creativity, and relevance to the theme. This year, Morse placed 3rd overall in the center piece competition.
3rd Place goes to Morse!