2015 In Review

published by Katie O'Brien

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Keeping Pace with Growing Need
Studies in 2015 revealed that unsheltered women in Multnomah County increased by 15%, and unsheltered families by 24% in only two years. This came as no surprise to Rose Haven where we served a record number of disadvantaged women and children for the 6th consecutive year. In spite of the challenges that bring people to our front door, we continue to be inspired by the resilience, grace and joy each person brings to our community. Thank you to all who helped us continue to meet the growing demand for Rose Haven's services. Without you, Rose Haven simply wouldn't exist.
2,917 women and children collectively visited Rose Haven 17,752 times in 2015 for services and support - 80% women (ave. age 44); 20% children.
Mental and physical illness and addiction afflict homeless women and children at a rate of 50% more than for general population.
Last year, 405 volunteers contributed 12,139 hours of service, and hundreds provided in-kind donations including clothing, hygiene and diapers. More than 85 outside agencies partnered with Rose Haven to provide our guests with housing, legal, health and other community resources.
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