Underage Dinking Cost in Texas

published by ManagedCare

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What are the
Costs of Underage
Drinking in
$5.5 Billion
Total Cost in Millions
Cost of Underage Drinking in Texas, 2013
Youth Traffic Crashes             
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome           
Youth Injury               
Specific Costs
Youth Violence (Alcohol-Related)
3.08 B
779.3 M
212.2 M
210.1 M
In 2013, underage drinking cost the citizens of Texas $5.5 billion. This translates to $2,075 per year for each youth in the state or $3.50 per drink consumed underage.
$1.22 Billion
Every time a youth consumes an alcoholic drink it costs Texans
Underage customers consumed 13% of all alcohol sold in Texas, totaling $1.22 billion in sales.
That is $599 million in profits for the alcohol industry.
More Information
67.2% of Texas Teens have had at least one drink of alcohol
18.1% had their first drink before age 13
36.1% have consumed at least one alcoholic drink in the past 30 days
21% have have five or more drinks in a row in past 30 days
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Texas teens who drink consume 4.1 alcoholic beverages a day. Legal customers consume only 1.6 per day.