Skilling Up For Data Curation

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Skilling Up for...
Data Curation
Campus Environmental Scan
The consensus from faculty is that curration for big data is not an issue (yet). Starting small and working with CIT for future needs.
Getting our feet wet
A free open source digital content platform available at
Amanda Lanik, a senior in Geological Sciences created a an online catalog of the rock samples. The project is a collaboration between geological sciences faculty and Milne Library staff and the collection will be used for teaching petrology in the future. Amanda presented her work at the Geological Society of America annual meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina.
CAMPUS-WIDE DISCUSSIONS : Cross departmental representation: Natural and Social Sciences, Humanities, Sponsored Research, CIT, and Library. Provided us with insight on campus experts, current research projects, & opps for collaboration.
DETERMINE CAMPUS INTEREST: E-mail to faculty and staff across campus to see who would be interested in discussions about data-related issues: data literacy education, data sharing and publication, data management (data itself and data management plans for funding requests).
TOOLKIT FOR IDENTIFIED AREAS OF NEED: Library Guides-Links to repositories, open data sets and data management planning resources. Data Management workshops (Invited speakers, & librarian led workshops for students and faculty).
An open-source visualization tool for displaying and comparing multiple versions of a text.
Digital Thoreau: a TEI-encoded text of Walden (all 7 manuscript versions) enriched by scholarly annotations, links, images, and social tools that enable users to create conversations around the text.
Plan for longevity. Written agreement & Project Plan - clear expectations for stakeholders. Develop Policies--Campus wide policies for data management and library policies for preserving, investments in time as well as resources (i.e. who purchases software, long term maintanance or whether open data projects take precedence-value beyond original use).
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Data Management Life Cycle
Useful Tools along the way...
Original Source for graphic from DataOne (
File & Folder Naming Formatting Version tracking Documentation (metadata)
Data Management Core
Data set citation Back-up Data ethics Preservation Sharing/reuse
Intl. Journal of Digital Curation Skype with Lisa Johnston Cornell Data Discussion Group
Where to begin
Computers in Libraries 2012 DIL Symposium 2013 Digital Library Federation Forum 2013 ICPSR Data Seal of Approval Conf. Intl. Data Curation 2014
MANTRA (Univ. Edinburgh) Univ. Minnisota Data Management (L. Johnston) Data Management for Librarians (Sara Wright) Data Mgmt for Faculty Research (Sara Wright)
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Justina M. Elmore Milne Library, SUNY Geneseo