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In this activity we will become sculptors, like our friend Michelangelo.  Use a bar of soap and sculpts the object you want.
You can make the process easier by following these easy steps
-Make sure you have a well covered area to do your soap carving on, then choose a bar of soap. Any soap will work, however, a large bar is easier to hold and gives more material to work with
-Choose a knife to use. Soap is fairly soft, so a sharp knife is not necessary. Plastic knives, spoons, or Popsicle sticks could also work. This is especially important to note if younger children are doing this project to prevent any accidents from using sharp knives.
-Decide on what subject to carve. A turtle or fish are frequent choices for a first carving, as they are similar to the shape of most bars of soap. You can also choose other subjects such as birds, hearts, boats anything that tickles your fantasy.
-Draw an outline of your carving on one side of the soap. You can either draw the outline first using a pencil, or directly use a knife, orange wood stick, or toothpick to scrape the outline into the soap.
-Remove the soap outside the outline using small slivers or chips. Make sure to scrape away only small portions at a time, as it would be easier to remove than to put back an over scraped portion. Cutting off too much would cause the soap to break off into chunks.
-Add detail to the inside of the outline to refine the design further.
-When the carving is finished, wet your finger and rub the surface of the soap to create a smooth finish. Allow it to dry and harden for a day before using.