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Following their customers, modern marketers have also migrated online, foregoing traditional outlets such as trade publications and seminars.
It's an exciting time to be a marketer! New ways to reach our customers appear each day. Online content, search, social media, digital communications and marketing technology are essential components of the modern marketer's campaign.
97 percent
of marketers are now responsible for a number of activities or tasks that they have never done before
- Based on a study by Forrester Research
So what's the problem?
For business-to-business (B2B) and public sector marketers, brand building and awareness remains important,but the C-suite is looking for measurable, scalable value.
of marketers are unable to determine measurable value from their content marketing efforts!
- Based on a study by Forrester Research, the Business Marketing Association and the Online Marketing Institute
Is there a solution out there for the modern marketer?
Through a well defined and programmatic methodology, companies like yours can more quickly identify and nurture sales ready leads from investments in Web, content, search optimization, social media, digital communications and CRM.
The importance of aligning your content marketing approach to the sales funnel allows you to understand the type of content you need to create.
Ultimately, by generating qualified leads, nurturing leads, training the sales team, increasing transparency and holding individual salespeople accountable, Web2Sales can effectively take the guesswork out of content marketing and ensure that all parties are focused on the end result – utilizing marketing content to drive revenue.
- Brian Chidester Government Marketing & Content SME, ImmixGroup
- Ryan Schradin, Director, Strategic Communications Group
To learn more about Web2Sales and how you can implement it at your organization, download the eBook, "Welcome to Web2Sales", authored by Marc Hausman, Founder and CEO of Strategic Communications Group.
- Marc Hausman, Founder & CEO, Strategic Communications Group
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