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ProTrans - Monitoring transphobic violence in Eastern Europe
Presentation by Boglarka
Project highlights 1.
Project highlights 2.
Data at a glance
Data at a glance
How to frame transphobic hate crimes
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Feedback from partners
'The main impact of the ProTrans project for Transvanilla is that it strengthened its position both in the broader civil society and in the trans, gender-nonconforming and inter communities.'
'Cooperation with Sloboda Prava, a Belgrade sex work organization was one of the most important outcome: now we are able to reach and support trans* sex workers and to work together on improvement of their situation.'
Tina, Transvanilla, Hungary
Jelena, Gayten-LGBT, Serbia
Sanjar, Labrys, Kyrgyzstan
'ProTrans was the first specific project on trans for Labrys. With organizing a trans camp in 2014, we managed to increase reporting from the community and we had several successful cases which ended with financial compensation of victims.'
Ways forward
Contextualize hate crimes.
Enlarge geographic scope focusing on country clusters.
Support partners in local advocacy actions and campaigning.
Encourage collaboration with sex workers organizations.
Diversify activities at the local level.