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Qualitative Data: Take Two! Feedback & Next Steps
May 2015
London East Spring S.I.M. session
Identify and discuss a variety of data sources and data collection methods;
Explore how contextual variables influence the selection of sources and methods;
Engage in analysing different types of qualitative data;
Discuss how to use and share information.
Participant Feedback (Based on 24 responses)
Relevance of Topics to Role
Identifying sources of data
Methods of collecting data
Analysing qualitative data
Using qualitative data to inform programming/practice
of people said very to entirely relevant
92% - 96%
"This session helped me to think deeply about my data collection... where/how to collect it to inform my next steps.  This was a burning issue for me..."
-- Participant
Outcomes of Session
Percentage of people who said the session caused them to think more deeply about the following:
* Participants selected 4 to 6 on 6 point scale where  1 = Not at all and 6 = Entirely
Identifying the purpose of data collection
Factors that influence the selection of data sources & methods of collecting data
Systematic analysis of qualitative data
Factors that influence the interpretation of data
Using information to inform programming/practice
Sharing information with stakeholders
^ There was insufficient time in the session to explicitly discuss this topic
Sharing/discussing learning and ideas with colleagues
Participant Learning & Next Steps
Participants described their next steps in learning about and/or using qualitative data...
Being more intentional and systematic when planning and implementing the collection and analyses of data
Finding ways to collect ongoing and "authentic" data
Learning more about and using pedagogical documentation
"Being very strategic about what data to collect and how..."
"I need to apply more effectively what I've learned...and spread the word to my peers"
"...making better use of the data I have collected"
Facilitator Learning & Next Steps
Thank you for your participation in the session and feedback.  Based on your comments and suggestions we have created this summary, which includes links to some helpful resources and some considerations for moving forward.
Helpful Resources
Collecting Evaluation Data:  An Overview of Sources and Methods
Questionnaire Design
Analyzing Qualitative Data
Myths and misconceptions about using qualitative methods in assessment
Think differently with qualitative approaches
Qualitative Data in an evidence-based environment (workshop summary & helpful links)
Ideas for Moving Forward
Develop and facilitate a series of online webinars.
Possible topics (identified from feedback):
1.  Developing questions
3. Mobilizing knowledge
2. Practice coding & synthesis
Create an online community knowledge exchange for educators regarding collection, analyses and use of qualitative data.
Want to share your thoughts/ideas with us?
Ann McKerlie - [email protected]
Jackie Wood -  [email protected]
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