The Effects of Exercise

published by reidjenner

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Break down and grow back stronger and shapelier
1. Muscles contract to create movement
Collect calcium and become stronger and denser
2. Bones bear additional weight
3. Oxygen delivered via lungs to bloodstream
Red blood count and skin tone improves
6. Healthy new cells are created and old ones eliminated
Toxic wastes in old cells are removed from the body more quickly
Blocks pain, regulates sleep, stimulates libido and improves bonding
5. Neurotransmitters release mood-altering chemicals
4. Heart beats faster to deliver oxygen to cells
Becomes stronger and more richly populated with new blood vessels
Fat tissue is burned off to reveal shapely underlying muscles
7. Fat stores are metabolized for extra energy
Unclogs pores and expels heavy metal toxins plus disease-producing virus and bacteria
9. Thirst, digestion, and bowels are stimulated
Liver and kidneys filter and remove remaining bodily toxins
8. Heat produced from exercise is released by sweating
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10. Happy, healthy,   disease-resistant person is produced and maintained! >>