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Clarity Data
Norfolk Public Schools
America was the leader in quantity and quality of high school diplomas.
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Professional Development Report
The Quest for Techcellence has been designed to beef up your multimedia skills and sharpen your digital citizenship skills. Click here to learn more about the Quest for Techcellence.
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Curriculum Report
21st Century Learning Report
72% of students indicate having advanced multimedia skills. How are you taking advantage of this in your classroom?
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In addition to meeting traditional academic standards, students must also be prepared to tackle the demands of a modern world and modern workforce. A research report from Adobe Education notes that, “In today’s world, a proficient employee needs to be computer literate, visually literate, information literate, media literate, and digitally literate.” According to a report from the Partnership for 21st Century Skills: “Many of the fastest-growing jobs and emerging industries rely on workers’ creative capacity - the ability to think unconventionally, question the herd, imagine new scenarios, and produce astonishing work.” Technology assists with this type of capability. Pew reports that 76% of Advanced Placement and National Writing Project teachers believe that digital tools such as the Internet, social media, and cell phones “encourage student creativity and personal expression.” In addition, the National Writing Project reports that the creation and consumption of multimedia increases the likelihood of deeper learning and longer skill retention.
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Infographic created by: Mickie Mueller | Educational Technology Facilitator | Norfolk Public Schools | @mickie_mueller