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Carpenter 2014-2015 End of Year Report
Professional Reads
Professional Development
I attended two conferences, a reading conference in Chicago and TLA in Austin.  I also attended a Follett Training in Tyler and went to PDs offered through the district in Eduphoria. I participate in the weekly Twitter Chat #txlchat for librarians.  I also took part in the Educator Learning Series #EduLS during the summer and again when it started mid school year. I taught the following PDs through Eduphoria:   1. Twitter 101 2. Hosted a Webinar by Donalyn Miller   3. Google Docs Co-taught with the Deaf Ed teacher, Rachel Rosson.
I read the following books to improve my skills as a teacher librarian: 1. Reading in the Wild by Donalyn Miller 2. The Time Is Now by Jonathan Kegler 3. Do You Know Enough About Me To Teach Me by Dr. Stephen Peters 4. Greatness Is Upon Us by Dr. Eric Thomas 5. The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon 6. The Shark and The Goldfish by Jon Gordon 7. Closing the Attitude Gap by Baruti Kafele
Book circulation for the 2014-2015 school year doubled from the 2013-2014 school year. PreK and Kindergarten were able to check out one book. 1st grade checked out two books and 2nd-5th grade checked out five books.   Teachers were also encouraged to check out books.  They were able to check out as many as they needed.  No limit was place on them.
August to May Book Statistics
Age of Circulation
School           Collection      Books Per     Year               Age           Student 2012                1993            19.88 2013                1994            20.35 2014                1994            19.70 2015                1997             21.95
I submitted #coolstuff that happened in our library this year.  The following are where you can see the #coolstuff happening in our library.
Demco featured me on their Ideas and Inspirations.
#coolstuff shared via Pinterest and Twitter a picture of a 4th grade student Skyping with author/motivational speaker Jon Goardon.
#coolstuff aslo shared via Pinterest and Twitter a picture of the Lego wall I installed this year.
The Carpenter library website is up and running.  Students can access ebooks and databases year round.
I started a blog this year.  I started it as a project through the Educator Learning Series.
I read the following blogs on a regular basis: The Sassy Bibliophile The Unpretentious Librarian Not In Teacher School Educator Learning Series Two Writing Teachers
This is the first year in many years that Carpenter has had three Book Fairs. The Spring Book Fair nearly doubled in sales from previous years.
Extra Library Happenings
Book Clubs: Select students from 3rd-5th grade participate once a month in a student lead Book Club during their lunch.  We read 7 books this school year. Faculty and staff members that chose to participate in the Faculty/Staff Book Club met once a month to discuss a "fun" read.
This school year we gave away books multiple times through out the year.  Scholastic donated boxes of books to be given away to all grade levels. In addition, teachers donated money for a free jean pass to the Book Fair to give our most needy students a chance to buy books from the Book Fair.  We raised over $300 for the Spring Book Fair and were able to give 30 students $10 gift certificates to purchase at least one book.
Carpenter Library Showcase
Connected Library
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