Writing Process

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Writing Process
It's not a lock step procees
The process is recursive. It's like a fractal pattern. The writer may step forward and back through the process at any point on the path. .
Drafts may be abandoned as the writer returns to prewriting.
Choose a working title
Replace the working title with something better when you revise.
Don't edit for your students!
Publish via blogs or wikis. Publish by sharing the work beyond the classroom. Find an audience for the final work. It will power up the whole process.
Almost 100%
Ignore your editorial notes
100% of teachers will save time teaching students to edit their own work.

33.33% Will persist in editing their students papers for them.
Conclusion : Feedback...
Once you've published the process ends. For students, the final GRADE is often substituted for publication..

Grading or Publishing; both halt the writing process.

Want to keep the process going? concentrate on the Revision step of the process!
No need to publish every piece
Now is the time for a grammar, spelling and punctuation check
Create a polished piece.
Read it aloud!
Multi step editig...
Revision: The toughest step
Most students think proofreading is revision. It isn't. Have students revise for voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and organization.
Think about the audience and mode of the writing. Not every piece you write will go through the entire process. Most fade at the drafting stage.
Start: Impulse/Prompt
The writing process shows the path, but it is not a lockstep process. The writer may dive directly into the draft, ideas already formed. Or a writer may spend more time on the prewriting sifting for the right idea.
Folding back and growing forward
Use the 6-Traits of Writing to guide revision.
Recursive Impulse
Just keep the hand moving
Recursive Impulse
New Text Label
Not every piece you write will go through the entire process. Most fade at the drafting stage.
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