partially flipped classroom

published by Valerie Henderson

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Flipped Learning
Your guide to a partially flipped classroom and what it means for the learning structure of this classroom and expectations of students.
What does partially flipped mean?
aka: microflipped
The design is to assist students who have done their work (read: homework) as well as those who have not.
What does a typical class period look like?
Class will begin with a short lecture by the teacher to serve as a recap/clarification on the homework due. After the short lecture, students will engage with the material of the day. Engagement with the material may include but is not limited to: Problem-Solving Opportunities such as Practice Problems or Skill Practice Worksheets, Guided Inquiry such as P.O.G.I.L. packet work or ChemQuests, Sorts, Class or Group Discussions, and Lab Work.
Homework FAQs
How often? Homework will occur daily. What is it? Watch videos or read materials/articles How do I prove I did my H.W.? Take the online quiz. Where do I access videos/articles and quizzes? class website: (scan the QR code to the right to go to the website)
In a traditional classroom, a teacher lectures during class time and students go home and engage with the content alone.
In a flipped classroom, students get an introduction to the material and work with each other to engage with the content when the teacher is there to be a guide.