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published by Shyamanta Baruah

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How to Get the Most From Your Facebook Page Promotion
Imagine you own a small business. And to attract customers you decide to use Facebook advertising. You create a page and use Facebook page promotion to get more followers.   You do get a lot of followers. But something smells fishy: You do not see any increase in walk-ins!  Sounds familiar?
Here's what to do
Set up Your Facebook Page Promotion
What to expect  :
Access to a Facebook Advertising Specialist for 30 days. Help in developing a customized strategy for your business. Help in measuring and optimizng campaign performance.
If you are a small business, you should sign up with the Facebook Small Business Program.
How much does it cost :
You need to commit to a daily spend of Rs 500 (USD 9 approx) for 30 days.
Use Targeting Options to Build Your Audience
Facebook provides a number of options that you can use to target a particular set of people.
What to do:
Use  targeting options like locations, languages, relationship, life events, work and so on to  determine who should see your page .
What to expect :
A group of people relevant to your business.
Goal Setting and Budget Allocation
It’s always a good idea to set a goal and work backward to arrive at a budget.
What to do :
A page like costs around Rs 10.00 in India. Arrive at a number using this as a ballpark. Use Facebook analytics to continuously improve your campaign. Use this knowledge to achieve better performance.
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