LeHo Focus Groups

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LeHo Focus Groups
Michele Capurso & John L. Dennis
University of Perugia
Belgium     Egypt     Germany   Italy      Spain     United Kingdom  
ICT Knowledge
at least average by Role by Country
Belgium    Egypt     Germany   Italy      Spain     United Kingdom  
Health Care Practicioner
Importance of interactions with others as a means of facilitating the educational process; Active and meaningful interpretational process during knowledge construction. Acknowledgement of new roles (e.g., tutor, participant, assessor, organizer, controller) that one assumes when acquiring new skills. Thinking, reasoning, planning, organizing, and controlling the learning process. Strategies, approaches, capabilities used in the learning process that differ from individual to individual.
Key Educational Factors (KEF)
Relationships: Making Sense: Assuming Roles: Metacognition: Individualities:
Percentage of positive statements for each one of the 5 Key Educational Factors.
Top 5 Categories
Positive Statements by KEF
Individualities   Metacognition   Assuming    Making       Relationships                                                   Roles           Sense
External psychological factors Communication Isolation factors Integration ICT learning tools
ICT Uses
Top 3 Issues
ICT Helps
ICT Limits
Software as learning tool
Communication/information sharing
Increase knowledge about illness
Technical factors
Equipment feature
Communication/information sharing
Software as learning tool
Increase knowledge
Face to face interaction
Personal relationship
Competition between students
ICT Problems
Agreement for ICT use  
ICT use in HHE help improve the communication between all key figures
ICT as Communication Tool
ICT cannot replace the KEF Relationships - i.e., the face-to-face interactions so needed in HHE
ICT Cannot Replace Social Bonds
ICT Introduced Without Support
ICT is introduced into HHE without the proper infrastructure and tech assistance
the 10:8:6 rule
ICT help communication 100% But cannot replace direct contact 80% Make sure to get the support you need 60%
This work has been made possible by the effort and collaboration of all LeHo participating members, their staff and their institutions. For a complete list please see the LeHo website ( These people and institutions were invaluable in organizing, conducting and documenting the Focus Groups. Throughout Europe and Egypt, hundreds of teachers and members of the medical community have given their time to take part in the Focus Groups. Without their dedication and collaboration this work would have not been possible. We would like to thank all members of the Focus Group coding team, i.e., Jarmila Adamolve, Gabriella Pernice, Gaia Baratto, but most especially Roberto Vagnetti who has continually exceeded every expectation. We would also like to think all the LeHo workgroups for organizing, conducting and documenting all the Focus Groups.
LeHo FG 1 & FG2