g4learning infographic

published by Anna Niemeyer

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Grading for Learning
A constant monitoring process focused on student performance, school climate, culture and professional development.
The Basics for Implementation
School District of Poynette
Communication throughout the process with all stakeholders is critical. They must understand how and why grading for learning is important for students & learning.
Job-embedded professional development is vital
Just-in-time, just for me,  just enough & job embedded.
Nurture teacher leaders.
Leverage district resources to meet goals.
DuFour's 4 ?'s
create a culture that seeks continuous improvement
focus on data
goal oriented
Set SMART goals & Monitor
How are we doing?
Adjust instruction to meet the diverse needs of students.
Guaranteed & Viable
Systemic, Systematic, Sustainable
What do we expect students to learn? How will we know when they are learning? How will we respond when they do not learn? How will we respond when they already know it?