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Names of
The stars
Matariki Legends
Matariki has lots of legends depending on different tribes and areas here are some: 1. The matariki stars are made up of the seven houses of the gods. 2. The seven stars of matariki are seven great chiefs. 3. Matariki is the prow of a great waka. 4. Matariki is a woman and her seven daughters. 5. There was a star so bright and beautiful Tana got jealous and threw it to the ground and got shattered to pieces but the star is still bright today. There are way more than that though, investigate yourself to find out other legends
How to find
Harvesting food
At the time of Matariki Maori people looked up at Matariki and depending on how bright the stars are the good the years going to be. The reason you need to know this is that Matariki tells you whether the crops are going to have a bad year or a good year. Matariki is also a good time to harvest your kumara.
We celebrate Matariki when it appears at early June but some other iwi (tribes) celebrate Matariki at different times for instance some celebrate it just after matariki has appeared. Some don't even celebrate Matariki they celebrate the appearance of puanga. If you look at the North-Eastern sky in early June, 6:00 and 6:45 in the morning you can see Matariki.