Silicone vs fabric oven gloves

published by shrogs

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Silicone Oven/BBQ Gloves
Fabric Oven/BBQ Gloves
Both gloves come out punching clever as both are superb at keeping out the heat so there is little to separate them. The only option is to give this round as a tie.
Silicone gets a couple more jabs in to win the round by a point. The 5 finger design and little raised bumps just wins out over the fabric gloves. Not much between the two yet.
Yet again, the defence and attack with both gloves counter each other, so there is nothing between the pair. They will both last many years of wear and tear. Points shared.
The flexibility of the silicone glove just about edges this round.  The 5 finger design allows great freedom of movement. Still close but silicone 2 rounds ahead.
An uppercut and a big left hook floors the fabric gloves twice, taking the round by 3 points. Put in the dishwasher or wash with detergent. Hang to dry. Simple.
Wham Bam. Another double knock down dampens the fabric resistance. The ability of silicone gloves to plunge into boiling water to retrieve food leaves fabric on the ropes.
Silicone dominates the last round taking it by two points. De-icing the freezer - Removing jar lids -Changing light bulbs - Cleaning car, household, dishes. Fight All Over.