How are you?

published by Greg Q

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"How are you?"
Do your students have only one standard reply to this question? If so, then here's a range of other possibilities.
Couldn't be better. Just fine, thanks. Fine, thanks. Very well, thanks. Quite well. I'm doing well. Peachy. Just dandy! Just ducky! I'm in tip top shape, how are you?
Not bad. I can't complain. Pretty good.
Fantastic! Super-fantastic! Wonderful! Great! I'm doing great! Great! How are you doing? I'm unbelievable! Super Duper! Splendidly Spectacular! I am fantabulous! Fabulous! Living the dream! I am wonderfully giddy. Amazing and happy.
I'm hanging in there. I've been better. Fair to middling. I’m a bit tired/annoyed/sad/sick/bored/confused. Not so hot. Getting there.
How are you? I could complain, but I won’t. Wondering how you are. Strange, and getting stranger. How am I what? How do you think I am? I don’t know. Same old, same old. Better now that you’re here. (nice)
My first infographic. I would like to share these ideas to build a more varied vocabulary among our English language learning students. Gregory Quinlivan 匡貴禮 Websites:;