Pros&Cons DM/Email

published by j.rho

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Pros & Cons:
Direct Mail Marketing & Email Marketing
Using email can be a great way to generate leads and sales, but so can Direct Mail. Here's a quick guide to the PROS & CONS of Direct Mail Marketing & Email Marketing to help you choose a way to reach out to your audience.
Direct Mail
Email Marketing
Higher Viewer Rate: Approximately 98% of Americans view their mail.
Adds tactile quality: Readers can touch and feel your message.
Studies show that people are 73% of consumers actually prefer direct mail over other advertising methods.
Less Expensive per record than Direct Mail Marketing
Email is fast, you can get your message out to people in a matter of seconds.
Immediate action on opportunities can take place - Ex: A subscriber can link on a link from an email to download a free eBook in a matter of minutes.
Your emails could get categorized as spam.
Direct Mail can be expensive if you don't target your audience properly.
Direct Mail travels slower than email.
Customers have inbox overflow. There's a lot of competition for emails to be seen.