Breastfeeding + Business Trip

published by jessicashortall

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How to Survive the Weirdest Road Trip Ever
Business Trip
Call ahead
Call the client office, or wherever you'll be spending time. Find a friendly person and ask for help finding a private place to pump, and a fridge to store milk.
Prepare for the airport
Pack your pump parts in Ziploc bags in case TSA wants to inspect them. And print this link, which says you're allowed to travel with as much breastmilk as you want:
Learn to pump in a bathroom
Have a plan for the hotel
...'cause it's gonna happen. Individual "family" restrooms are the best, but you can also use your battery pack and stand in a stall with the pump bag hung on the door hook.
Say "FOR MEDICAL REASONS" until they give you a room fridge. If a room fridge just isn't available, demand access to a kitchen fridge for your "medicine."
- Reusable lunchbag for bringing milk home, for a 1-2 day trip - Soft-sided 6-pack cooler, for a 3-7 day trip - Lots of large Ziploc bags and breastmilk storage bags - Gel ice packs - A shawl in case you need a privacy hack
Pack smart
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