How The Internet and Computers are Affecting society

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How have computer use and Internet access affected life in the United States
How Computers are Affecting people
Computers affect people because they allow people to have access to their social media accounts which has decreased the amount of physical communication. They are also used to create the technology used in video game systems and other types of technology .
The Computers technology is used to create Video game systems
Computers are connected to the Internet
How the Internet  distracts students  during school
The internet is a distraction because students are tempted to take out their phones during class to check their social media and text messages. Students also use their internet service to look up information for exams  or school assignments that are meant to be completed using class notes and textbooks
How have the computers affected life
Computers have created a new type of danger done by people known as "hackers". People phishing in the computers with a goal to steal personal information. This has led many people to have their identity stolen
the computers can be expensive and wasting money, when a motherborad dies and it will cost more than to buy a brand new computer
Signs of hackers
Signs of someone Phishing on  a account to get private information
How the internet is bad for Kids
Negative effects about  the internet is the creation of cyberbullying and amount of kidnappings in the current generation of children. These dangers became easier because more children are using Ipods, Tablets and social media irresponsibly or unsupervised
kids who have social media at a young age
Can lead to cyber bullying
How is the  internet  affecting Families
How families were before the internet
How families are now
The internet is affecting families by having miscommunication,  causing  relationship problems within the family, and making the  children to feel unsupported which can affect their future.