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4041 University Drive, Suite 101, Fairfax, Virginia 22030
Assist individuals, groups and organizations to move forward and create positive outcomes.
To be the premier professional resource for individuals, groups, and organizations seeking to clarify interests, bridge gaps, gain agreements, and build people and process skills.
We are dedicated to identifying and meeting client needs by providing quality, professional, and accessible, cost-effective services.
We seek to expand each individual's capacity to exercise freedom of choice and action through education, information sharing, and other appropriate processes.
We support innovative thinking, which creates opportunities and outcomes for the community we serve, while cultivating an environment of community learning and collaboration.
We celebrate and value diversity of thought and practice grounded in race, ethnicity, culture, and other differences. We aspire to be inclusive and representative of the communities we serve.
We focus on long-term continuity in the services we provide, the relationships we develop, and the communities we serve. We will meet present needs and assure long-term viability.
Facilitation (4)
Training (57)
Total People Served in 2014
Total Services Provided in 2014
Mediation (522)
Facilitation (16)
Restorative Justice (96)
Training (610)
Mediation (1032)
Restorative Justice (35)
April 2015 NVMS is a vibrant organization dedicated to serve our mission and clients. As the organization enters its 25th anniversary year, we celebrate the successes of past clients and long-standing programs while developing innovative, new approaches to meet community needs. In 2014, the Board refreshed the mission of the organization to be more inclusive and represent our work in a way that resonates with clients and partners. The NVMS mission is “to assist individuals, groups and organizations to move forward, creating enduring outcomes.” NVMS helps individuals, groups and organizations move forward by fostering understanding, enhancing communication and facilitating effective decision-making. The NVMS vision is to be the premier professional resource for those seeking to clarify interests, bridge gaps, gain agreements and build people and process skills. The Board of Directors, Executive Director, Staff and Practitioners are committed to quality services and programming that look to the future of community needs. In 2014, we expanded our marketing and public education activities NVMS representatives presented at professional conferences, trained GED equivalency students, worked with regional partners, hosted expo booths and contacted local businesses to enhance visibility of both the organization and our field. The next year will feature more of these activities as NVMS moves into its next quarter century as an experienced and leading service provider and partner in the field of conflict resolution. Collaborations with local Schools, Police, Courts and Local Government agencies continue to expand NVMS’ reach in the community. Communication and dispute resolution training are more accessible than ever with the Susan Shearouse Training Scholarship and community trainings offered for those who could not otherwise afford formal training. NVMS continues to engage our passion for helping people collaboratively resolve disputes and our enthusiasm for service. Thank you to the many individuals and organizations that make our work possible, our Mediators, Facilitators, Trainers, Board Members, Staff, Clients, Trainees and Partners. Sincerely,
Letter from the  Board President and the Executive Director
Yasmina Mrabet, MS President
Megan G. Johnston, MA Executive Director
Susan Shearouse Scholarship Event
Raised $10,497.50
Community Training Program Launch
Partnership with CC-Prep (Charter School) in Washington, DC
International Conference on Conflict Resolution Education (CRE)
NVMS presents on Restorative Justice
Consolidated Community Funding Pool (CCFP) Grant for Restorative Justice
Federal Dispute Resolution (FDR) Conference
NVMS Staff and Practitioners present and host booth
Access and Visitation Grant
NVMS offers co-parting classes for parents with IV-D open Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE) cases
Fairfax County Juvenile Restorative Justice Program
Fairfax County Patrol Officers and School Resource Officers (SRO) can now refer juveniles directly to Restorative Justice
NVMS provides training in Alternative Dispute Resolution processes for individuals, groups and organizations.
Calendar Workshops (498 participants) On-site Workshops (52 participants) Community Training Workshops (60 participants) Mediators assisted in completing Virginia certification requirements
I particularly liked the instructors, the real life examples, and the demonstration by the instructors, the role plays and the feedback. - Basic Training participant
I really enjoyed the class.  I learned a lot about conflict like: a way to ask questions, listening to facts, words, body language and tone.  I learned a lot about myself, my conflict style.  I learned how to avoid conflict.  I wouldn't mind doing something like this all the time. - Community Training Participant
Our skill-building programs include: Basic training in mediation, facilitation, negotiation, and coaching Advanced training in mediating EEO, workplace, complex and multi-party disputes, cultural dynamics in mediation, solution-focused problem solving, etc. Continuing Education Credits for mediators, attorneys and Human Resources professionals
The Susan Shearouse Scholarship awards financial assistance to individuals who share Susan's passion and enthusiasm for helping people resolve their differences in collaborative ways. In 2014, NVMS issued two awards - one full scholarship covering the General District Court Certification requirements and another partial scholarship. Both individuals started attending courses in the fall.
"Acquiring alternative dispute resolution skills has enriched my life far beyond my expectations and tremendously increased my personal and professional effectiveness. The most personally impactful lesson that I gleaned from the basic training class was an understanding of my responses to conflict.  Based on this new found understanding I was able to modify behaviors, of which I was previously unaware." - I. Baptiste, Scholarship recipient
2014 NVMS Mediation Cases
Civil Court - 422 (844 Participants)
Family - 90 (184 Participants)
Community - 6 (12 Participants)
Workplace - 4 (8 Participants)
“The mediation process allowed us to discuss difficult topics, but to feel supported while doing so. It allowed us to focus on what was most important to us personally and  to come up with creative solutions. Mediation proved to be much more efficient and cost-effective than litigation for working through problems, because we could talk face-to-face rather than through advocates. It allowed us to reach closure on issues that had been troubling us, which would not have been possible with a court-mandated result.” Mediation Participant
City of Falls
Small Claims
General District
Number of Cases Across Courts Served
Through our excellent relationship with the courts we serve, NVMS continues to benefit mediation participants, court officials, mediators and trainees by expanding access to justice into the decision-making sphere of the individuals in conflict.
Court Case Types
Animals/Pets (2) Consumer/Merchant (73) Contract/Debt (113) Employment (13)
Landlord/Tenant (163) Neighborhood (4) Other (30) Not Specified (13)
NVMS was awarded a grant in October of 2014 from the Virginia Department of Social Services to fund the Access and Visitation Program. The program’s goal is to provide co-parenting classes to parents with open IV-D DCSE (Division of Child Support Enforcement) cases, resulting in an increased amount of time non-custodial parents spend with their child. Class participants are offered mediation services as well. In 2014 NVMS collaborated with the Fairfax County Courts and DCSE to begin this program. As part of the program, employee trainings on customer service and conflict resolution were designed to be implemented to the DCSE staff by Ann Warshauer, a NVMS family mediator and trainer.
The Family Mediation Program conducted over 90 family mediations in 2014. Types of cases ranged from custody/visitation issues to financial assets and property distribution. In 2014, NVMS continued to educate the community on the benefits of mediation by presenting to various groups in the community that included the Fairfax Rotary Club and local divorce support groups. We worked to further expand the elder mediation services offered by providing a workshop on having better conversations around aging issues.
Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) - 56 students Fairfax County Police Department (FCPD)- 5 youth Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court (JDR)- 8 youth
NVMS continued its role as coordinator of the Fairfax County Juvenile Restorative Justice Program. This program is an active collaboration of Fairfax County Police Department (FCPD), Juvenile Courts (JDR), Public Schools (FCPS)  and Neighborhood and Community Services. NVMS RJ Practitioners facilitated and served as mentors for cases referred by Fairfax JDR and FCPS, and starting on October 1, 2014, FCPD.
2014 NVMS RJ Conferences Facilitated
NVMS staff, board members, practitioners and volunteers participated in numerous events and shared with the community the work we do and its impact.
Federal Dispute Resolution Conference (FDR)
Roll-call Training for Fairfax County Police Department
Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)
Foreign Service Institute (FSI)
Fairfax County Vendor Fair
Department of Defense Mediation Day
Career Fairs
We reached over 880 individuals at the following events:
...and many more!
Second Saturday Panel
NVMS Staff and Practitioners continue to provide a broad range of quality dispute resolution, training and facilitation services. There were some shifts in financial support among NVMS's programs and services in 2014. The year saw a strong increase in fundraising revenue, a modest increase in training revenue and a reduction in client fees paid for direct services in comparison with the prior year.
Income by Source: $392,564
Training Fees ($180,597)
Client Fees ($53,715)
Public Agency Contracts ($83,623)
Contributions ($46,857)
Grants ($13,885)
In-Kind Support $9,535
Investment Gains ($4,352)
As of December 31, 2014, NVMS held an invested reserve fund of $122,359. The organization is strong and developing new grant support along with innovative partnerships for a better financial future. The Board and Staff continue to explore additional income sources with a focus on providing effective community service in a sustainable manner that honors NVMS's mission and legacy.
Workplace Services
Family Mediation
Restorative Justice
Civil Court Mediation
Community Mediation
2014 Income and Expenses by Program
Every year NVMS recognizes outstanding service and commitment to professionalism in support of our mission and programs.
Bernhart Award: Kevin Dillon
Civil Mediator of the Year: Mone Ardura
Family Mediator of the Year: Rick Schapira
Restorative Justice Facilitator of the Year: Courtney Burkey
Trainer of the Year: Kathey Foskett
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Collaborators and Affiliates
Fairfax County Public Schools Fairfax County General District Court Arlington County General District Court Loudoun County General District Court City of Falls Church General District Court Fairfax Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Fairfax County Police Department School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (SCAR) Virginia Association for Community Conflict Resolution (VACCR) National Association for Community Mediation (NAFCM)
Volunteers and Volunteers
Rachel Plotkin Vicki Williams Jeff Dietterle Sarah Kith Christopher Cochran Chris Piercy
Board of Directors
Stan Corey, Jr., President Mara Schoeny, Vice President Yasmina Mrabet, Secretary Kevin Dillon, Treasurer Marge Bleiweis Jon Kaufmann Chris Whitman Frank Blechman Daniel Rainey Ron Williams Randy Jones
Megan Johnston, Executive Director
703.865.7272 4041 University Drive, Suite 101, Fairfax, Virginia 22030
Alessandra Cuccia, Family Mediation Program Manager
Izabela Solosi, Training Program Manager
Sherri Smith, Court Mediation and Administrative Manager