Symbolic Interactionism

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Symbolic INteractionism
As of modern day social media is the biggest platform for interaction among people all over the word. It is the biggest way that people can communicated as well as voice their opinions/ beliefs. Problem is that many beliefs stem from negative non-factual concepts.
Social Media
people communicate and interact using symbols, gestures and other words.
Micro Level
Symbol Interactionism deals with individuals in society rather than looking at the functions ,structures and institutions.
This graph show the amount of communicate through technology going on. The influence of technology has mad interacting very easy, but that much more dangerous. This allows people to promote views that can be inaccurate. For example racism, terrorists groups and even r- rated content.
Social Media Allows Negative Symbolic Interactionism
-Stereotypes - Racism -Sexism
Stereotypes : using social media one can post "urban legends" back it up with opinions and have millions agree.  
EX : Donald Trump Having the financial stability to buy ads and social status, saying un factual things about certain ethnicity is acceptable. This interaction is broadcasted and seen by millions who can now choose to agree just because he is a "known" public figure.
Racism : Using different signs like confederate flags, KKK group and using vile words to refer to groups are being widely accept just because you have the power to right whatever you want on the internet.
EX : Using facebook, twitter and youtube anyone can access racism and even make groups to promote these ideas. About 90% of the time these videos don't get removed until a certain number of "reports" get sent in.
Sexism : Interacting woman are already looked upon as the lesser being and not being able to do as much  as a man.
Ex : Equal pay wasn't always the case. It was a case study that showed men got paid more than woman just a few years ago.
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