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Pros and Cons of the Legalization of Same Sex Marriage
A Poll from Pew research shows that since 2011 the majority of Americans support the right for same sex couples to marry
In these 22 states if a store owner refuses a gay couple service just because they're gay they can be brought to court and be sued or even face criminal charges. For example, in February 2014 a lesbian couple in Oregon sued a baker for refusing to make a wedding cake for their marriage. And again in May 2014 a Colorado judge ruled that a baker had discriminated against a gay couple by refusing to bake them a wedding cake
Same Sex Marriage & Religion
Promotes Equality and Non-Discrimination in Society
Many churches and other religious officials don't recognize same sex marriage as being moral according to their religion.
People try to use their first amendment rights to exercise their religious belief and discriminate against homosexuals. It is illegal to discriminate based on sexual orientation and legal action can be taken.
Promotes Family Stability and Validates LGBT Family Units
Although they are the minority there are many pastors who actively accept and support gay marriage. They believe that discriminating against them goes against the teachings of Jesus Christ
In the Family
Studies show that girls without fathers in their lives are more at risk for early sexual activity and teenage pregnancy and children without mothers in their lives have lower self esteem
Bruce J. Ellis, "Does Father Absence Place Daughters at Special Risk for Early Sexual Activity and Teenage Pregnancy?" Simon R. Crouch Et al. Parent-reported measures of child health and wellbeing in same-sex parent families: a cross-sectional survey
Many people don't consider same sex couples a family, especially for the fact that they can't reproduce together.
Many studies from sources like the University of Melbourne, The Williams Institute, and BMC Public health show that children raised by same sex couples score higher on average academically than children raised by heterosexual families.
Children raised by same sex couples scored 6% higher than the general population in categories like family cohesion, general health, social competence and academic competence