Teaching and Learning Tools that sit outside of LEO

published by Meg A.

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So you want to innovate using a non-LEO technology tool?
Things to consider...
           do you want to use it? What are your pedagogical aims? How will it enhance learning & teaching? Is there a comparable tool in LEO?
Is it                      ? Who else is using it? What do others say about it? Any issues with using it?
How is info entered? Will it be publicly available? Will students need to create an account to participate?
How is students' privacy treated? Can students be anonymous if they wish? How will you manage copyright and attribution obligations?
Use caution if using it for summative How will records of student submissions be kept?
How much do you have over the data? What would happen if overnight: - the tool/site was suddenly removed? - the interface was changed? - the owners decided to on-sell your data?
Privacy & copyright
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How will it                    technically with LEO? Will students have a "seamless" experience? Does it work across different devices, browsers and operating systems?
How will you find Is it actively supported by its owners? How often is it updated? Who will support other teaching staff on the unit? How easy is it to use for other lecturers?
Do they need support and who will provide it? What learner support resources are available? How easy is it to use?