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Data Protection Regulations
The proposals
of global turnover - the penalty for failures and breaches
the fewest employees a company can have without a Data Compliance Manager
Implementation completion date
must be maintained
Up to
'impact assessment'
Organisations must conduct an
on data privacy for all new projects
Organisations must gain
to hold individuals' data
Data Processors
will be legally and contractually obliged to keep personal information secure
regulating body
all organisations subject to a single
of organisations don't comply with existing regulations
of organisations said they were not aware of the EU Data Protection Regulation
Is your organisation ready?
Assess your organisation's position by asking... - What needs to be    changed? - What policies need   enforcing? - How do we take care of   data?
Train and educate staff... - Are they trained on   information security? - Do they understand the   new regulations? - Do they understand how   to use the technology   necessary for security?
Prove you are complying with the regulations by... - Ensuring documentation   is ready for audit - Periodically reviewing   standards and policies to   adapt to the changing   technological landscape
Ask yourself... - What is done with user data? - Who has access to data? - Is data shared? - Are users aware and     consenting of data sharing? - What is the purpose of this data   sharing?
Technology has changed a lot since 1995 - up until now, the law has not. The new data regulations to be set by the EU reform the 1995 Directive. Compliance will be strictly enforced and once this happens, Europe's digital economy is expected to grow significantly.
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How can SafeToGo help?
SafeToGo™ from Cardwave is a highly secure USB flash drive. Through use of encryption and SafeConsole, portable device use at your organisation can be transformed to match new standards: these flash drives can be managed centrally by administrators and provide all employees with data security when taken offsite. Providing SafeToGo™ USB 3.0 flash drives as part of increased data security measures within your company will ensure your employees become aware of their actions, and will lead to positive behavioural changes at a company-wide level.